Mission Hill Preserves

Friday, January 14, 2011

For people that enjoy Mission Hill wine, we now carry their preserves. In the morning you can catch us eating Anita's steel cut oats with Birchwood yogurt and vanilla pears on top. We have their vanilla pears, sweet cherries, rainier cherries and oculus cherries. The oculus cherries are preserved in their Oculus wine and balsamic vinegar. Perfect on chocolate ice cream!

Discourse & Photography | Klee Larsen


Luis Valdizon said...

Hi Klee,

Thank you again for a wonderful start to Kari and my day yesterday. I posted about your company on my site (http://www.minorublvd.com/2011/01/le-marche-st-george.html). Both of us hope to drop by for another cup of delicious coffee soon.

By the way, do you ever stock the espresso? I would love to get my hands on some.

Anonymous said...

Would be helpful to put your full address on your page. I was forwarded this site by a friend and didn't know if it was even in Vancouver. I live in the neighborhood and look forward to coming by.

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