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Thursday, March 12, 2015

  Although most people might associate oatmeal with fall and winter,  it one of my favourite things to eat year round. Lola calls it Goldilocks, I call it scratchy sweater breakfast.  During winter months I like figs or sautéed apples, dates and walnuts. In the summer, all and any kind of berry will do but anytime of the year,  I think roasted pears are the perfect accessory to "scratchy sweater" breakfast. This is a simple thing to make and really is so comforting.

Steel Cut oats (follow the cooking directions on package)
2 pears | cut in half and cored
cinnamon (enough to give the pears a little tan)
brown sugar
dollop of un-salted butter in each "bowl" of the pear
poppy seeds

Cook oats as directed on package
Peel Pears but leave the stem on because they are beautiful 
Place dollop of butter where the core was and sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon
roast in a pan, cookie sheet or pie plate, cut side up at 350 until soft and the sugar is carmelized
If you find your pears are drying out, you can spray them with a bit of water or cover them with foil.
Serve with maple syrup, fresh milk and poppy seeds, or whichever seeds and nuts you have on hand.

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