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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank you to everyone who came out to pet snakes, ask for words of wisdom from The Dead Professor, jump around like crazy in the Big Bang Room, have their palms read under the palm tree and donate their time and money. Although we didn't reach our unrealistic goal of $163,000.00 for the new playground we sure had a lot of fun!
Ben Purcell who is usually behind the counter put together this fabulous stop motion video of all our visitors from the evening, it sums up the spirit of Halloween at Le Marché very well.

Special thanks to;
Ben Purcell- movie
James Nevison -mauled wine
Shawn and Richelle-mauled wine, light bulbs and your time
Melissa Hudson-popcorn wrangler, makeup artist
David- The Dead Professor
Jon Yurechko- Palm reader
Linny- Mary Poppins the donation hustler
Papa Ronnie- Uncle Fester
Klee Hannah- for everything
Urban Wildlife Rescue- for the creepy animals

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