Happy New Year!

Monday, January 27, 2014

     I know, it's been 1 month since Christmas. Santa has come and gone and everyone's thoughts are on spring. So before it seems way too strange, I wanted to post some photo's from Santa's visit. Sorry for the long delay between posts, I was hibernating for a little bit. 
    Santa's visit was one of those classic Marché afternoons. A little bit crazy, kind of chaotic and a lot of fun. We made a photo booth that was reminiscent of a Norse lodge with pine needles on the ground and a grand old chair draped in sheep skins. We sang carols and I am pretty sure we saw all the neighbourhood kids (and some pets and parents) take a turn on Santa's lap.
    Most importantly we raised 517.00$ through generous donations for the Vancouver Food Bank.
So thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the afternoon, we look forward to next Christmas
and an even bigger production! Hope you all enjoyed the Holidays and are now comfortably settled into the New Year.  
Happy 2014!

Special Thanks to:
Santa Claus
A&b Party Rental
Niki Trading
Vancouver Food Bank

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