Odds & Ends: December Edition

Monday, December 31, 2012

The holiday season was particularly enchanting this year and I am saddened to see it come to a close. Today's entry is an ode to this joyful month, and in a way, an accumulation of miscellaneous photographs that would likely otherwise go unnoticed or be forgotten about. The captions below correspond to the images from top to bottom and left to right where applicable.

PS: The last four photos are taken from Janaki's Instagram feed. If you're not following her by now, you should be: instagram.com/janakilarsen

01-03)Columbia Valley Christmas Tree Delivery
02) Holiday Ornaments
03) Christmas Lights
04) Hand Painted Holiday Signage
05) Snow day
06) Christmas Table Setting
07) Lola & Pascal


Anonymous said...

Lovely. I love the seasonal header on the blog - will you be changing it to a winter view soon? I love the picture of Marche in the snow...

Sharolyn Newington said...

We have just left Vancouver and I am so sad we missed the snow. Love your little place on St George and this online place too.

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