Event Coverage: Mellifera Bees & The Loving Spoon Honey Tasting

Saturday, December 29, 2012

This week I was lucky and excited to cover a darling event hosted by the charming Mellisa Cartwright of Mellifera Bees and Maya Chelmis of The Loving Spoon.

Both ladies were smiling as they welcomed guests eager to sample honey infused with vanilla and lemon. I must admit my only experience with Mellifera Bees' honey had been with their first batch from the hives placed in our shop's backyard, and instantly became enamored with their product. After tasting their company's infused flavoured offerings, though, it became a tough decision as to which product my heart gravitates to the most (in reflection, I believe the lemon infused honey might have an edge).

Their setup was incredibly beautiful, and spoke volumes about Mellisa and Maya's aesthetic refinement. It was a perfect marriage of two local, budding companies. A vintage piece of silverware with a stamped message from The Loving Spoon, a steaming cup of tea, miraculous honey, and carefully made biscuits would be divine on any afternoon.

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