Event Coverage: Sitting 'N Eating

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When the right people become involved in a fitting project together, you feel a certain confidence breathing into their creation. What Tyler and his group were able to provide a very lucky party of individuals with was elegant, rustic, and wonderfully charming. Guests were treated to a one-night-only experience that included a rich and textural atmosphere conjured up by Tyler, his fiancé Lucinda, and Janaki Larsen. The venue was absolutely stunning. Locally-sourced foliage, an impressive collection of antiquated pieces, and the undeniably impressive space above Marche melded together exceptionally.

I arrived just in time to see delicious canapés and wine being consumed by happy guests. Moments after, everyone sat down to listen to the illustrious Dr. John Friesen, who opened up his solo cello set with Bach's Suite No. 1 for Cello. I must admit that unfortunately, my knowledge of classical compositions does not run deep, but like many, I know and love this piece. After playing, Dr. Friesen explained that the music had been written specifically for his instrument. The performance was unpretentiously intimate (at one point, Dr. Friessen joked about not remembering the last time he played where the chance of his bow hitting someone in the crowd around him was a real possibility), and his concert was a nourishing memory that will always remain with me. After the first piece, I knew that this must be one of those evenings that should play out with as little intrusion as possible. After capturing what was needed, I departed shortly after the first course, graciously provided by guest Chef Andrea Carlson.

The pictures above are my humble look into what was a hugely successful event. At one point Pascal, Janaki, and Lola ran across the street to hear the sound of people enjoying themselves. I learned that this is a regular practice for Janaki. She told me that the sound is incredibly rewarding, after all the thought and hard work that goes into planning a night like this.

I would love to thank everyone involved for their generosity, and for allowing me to document their brilliant event.


Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Absolutely brilliant photos Luis!!!!

Luis Valdizon said...

Thank you for the compliment Tracy!

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